to the image
the access to the image is in the image

Images are contemplated, and sounds are listened.
This perception is arbitrary and depends only on our senses and habitudes. In "image studies", the canonical perception of images is changed. The first experience consists of making possible to listen an image. The images here are jpg-files. Theses files are forced to be interpreded as sound-files, so called wav-files. If we don't change anything of the image-wav-files, they will sound as hiss for a few seconds. Changing some parameters of the sound-file, as timestreching, pitch-changing, and applying some filters, the image becomes well listenable for human ears. The informations or the content of the image principally stays unchanged.
The image-sound-wav-file is finally transformed in a streaming sound file for technical constraints of the internet.
With mp3-streaming you can listen the sounds.
In the last step we only visualize the sound wave of the sound of the image. - image studies